Welcome to Buffalo River  Shooting Club

Newcastle Northern KwaZulu-Natal

The Club caters for all shooting disciplines:

  • Casual plinking (handgun and rifle)
  • Formal handgun disciplines (.22 and centrefire)
  • Practical Shooting (IPSC)
  • Defensive Pistol / Multi Gun (IDPA)
  • National Hunting and Shooting Association (NHSA)
  • Silhouette handgun (up to 200m)
  • Silhouette rifle (.22 up to 100m)
  • Silhouette rifle (centrefire up to 500m)
  • Hunting rifle, Clay pigeon, Pin Shooting, Air Rifle, Black Powder

Training Providers


  1. All rules with regards to BRSC are still applicable and will be adhered to.
  2. The following PPE are compulsory: Mask; ear protection; eye protection.
  3. Sanitization of hands, equipment, register, shooting table, etc. are
    compulsory at all times. Although Sanitizer will be available at the Shooting
    Range, we kindly request that each and every shooter bring their own
    Sanitizer as well.
  4. Only individual training/shooting will be permitted.
  5. Training Service Providers, Security Companies, SAPS, etc. will book a range
    a week in advance. Date, time, number of trainees, duration will be required.
  6. No competitions.
  7. Only shooters allowed on the premises.
  8. Only one shooter allowed per bench.
  9. Shooters using ranges with no benches need to be 3 meters and more apart.
  10. Distance between benches are 2 to 3 meters.
  11. No spectators.
  12. No non-shooters allowed on premises.
  13. No gatherings or groupings when completing the register or on any of the
  14. Social distancing and safety are priority!!
  15. Do not visit shooting range premises when you experiencing flu or cold