BRSC Membership is from 01 March – 28/29 February

First year is compulsory 12 months, thereafter for the second year you will pay a Pro-Rata fee until end February. The third year is then gain from March to February.

Invoice via SMS/email will be send, before your membership expires.

The membership is a family based membership. Up to 4 dependants under the age of 18 can be defined. Each dependant of the age of 18 and older must apply for exemption.

Membership fees for 2020 – See application form for details

 Normal (less than 55 years old)R660.00
Age between 55 to 59R594.00
Age between 60 to 64R495.00
Age between 65 to 69R330.00
Age 70 and olderFree. (Member must register each year.)
Country (Must reside outside of NN)R396.00

After deciding to become a member, do the following.

  • Download the application form and complete both pages.  Download here
  • Upon completion, scan the application form and email to or deliver to 31 Protea Avenue, Schuinshoogte, Newcastle.
  • Pay applicable membership fee into banking details as supplied on the application form with your Initials & Surname as reference. Proof of payments to be send to
  • We need a head and shoulders colour photo (ID) of your current self in electronic form. Please take a photo with your cell phone / camera, with a white background, and send that via SMS/WhatsApp/email to the secretary as specified on the application form.
  • After application has been processed you will be notified by SMS that your application is ready. You have the option to collect the completed application, or it can be posted to you. Please indicate your preference? It will not take longer than one week for it to be processed.
  • Membership applications will be done once a week.
  • Your completed application will include the following:
      1. Membership card with photo and list of dependants. The membership card has a membership number on it. Do not forget this number. This card must always be show to the caretaker when arriving at the range.
      2. A booklet that contains contact numbers, Code of Conduct, Rules, Layout of the ranges and a guide to complete the range register.
      3. A membership certificate that can be used for firearm applications. This certificate is also available on request.
      4. A yearly calendar of organised events.